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1-H Digital Marketing Consultation

1-H Digital Marketing Consultation

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Seeking the path to mastering digital marketing? 

Embark on a personalised, one-hour consultation with Anna at Tenacious Brands, a virtual sit-down over Google Meet. Here's your golden opportunity to tap into her wealth of knowledge! No question is too big or small, as Anna will provide insights and answers tailored just for you.

Following payment select a time that's most suitable for you and we're ready to go!

Anna will send along a questionnaire prior to the meeting, so you can jot down any specific subjects or queries you wish to delve into during your call. We're committed to empowering your journey in the digital marketing sphere with kindness, dedication, and unwavering support.

Topics covered may include:

*Brand Strategy
*Social Media Strategy
*Newsletter Marketing Strategy
*Business Development Strategy
*Blogging strategy
*Paid Social (Ads)
*Instagram / FB Training
*Growing or starting your business
*& more!


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