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Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

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In the realm of email marketing, achieving the four essential "R's" is key: delivering the appropriate message, to the intended recipient, at the perfect moment, all in the pursuit of building a meaningful connection.

Your email list goes beyond mere compelling content; it revolves around cultivating trust. Moreover, for every pound invested in developing your email marketing strategy, a return of £40-£50 can be anticipated! Thus, establishing this solid foundation becomes absolutely crucial for your triumph!

In this session you will learn: 

How to select the right software for you and also get an intro to the one we use
Understand what it means to create email flows and proven ways to make them successful 
How and why you should create customer segments 
How to use pop-ups on your website to collect leads 
The two types of email communication: broadcast vs triggered 
How to track conversions and what your stats mean
GDPR & email compliance

Includes email marketing & freemiums workbook. 

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